Konrad Pola CEO
Laura Van Wyngaarden COO
Lisa Durnford VP Product Development


Toronto, ON, Canada


What is Diligen?

Diligen makes contract review fast, accurate and easy. Designed with corporate lawyers passionate about technology, and engineered by a team in downtown Toronto, the software reduces human error while boosting efficiency.

What’s so special about Diligen?

  • Help firms automate the mundane stuff and focus on improving your business
  • Price more competitively, win business
  • Lower the cost of high-quality contract review
  • Meet tight deal timelines
  • Reduce duplicated effort
  • Catch key provisions that might be missed
  • Increase accuracy by reducing human error
  • Make costs more predictable from the outset

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Did you know? Diligen's machine learning models are pretrained for a wide range of different contract review use cases.

Learn more: https://t.co/12QcdqKwDo

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From Cliff MacGregor, Managing Director at Inlexso on Diligen's self-training system:

"We found that the Diligen training model and process are user friendly and efficient ... [This] will improve project execution time and accuracy, ultimately resulting in time & cost savings.” https://t.co/97EZDSMbCs
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