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Andrew M.J. Arruda Co-founder, CEO
Jimoh Ovbiagele Co-founder, CTO
Pargles Dall`Oglio Co-founder


San Francisco, CA


What is ROSS Intelligence?

ROSS Intelligence has created the world’s first of it’s kind, an artificially intelligent lawyer, called ROSS.

What's so special about ROSS?

  • ROSS is an artificially intelligent system that is intuitively designed, and getting smarter each day
  • Advancing your legal career efficiently while delivering value to your clients with boosted workflow efficiency and revenue
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to analyze legal issues and make connections accurately, and quickly
  • Having a powerful AI research tool reduces costs, improves workflow for better results for clients
  • Being able to focus on the priorities of each case without having to allot extended research time
  • As the law continues to evolve, so does ROSS

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7 days ago
Huge news hot off the press! @ROSSIntel wins “best #AI product in legal” at the 2018 #CogX18 @cognition_x Awards. Alongside ROSS, other companies that took home awards included Boston Dynamics, @Microsoft, @netflix, @amazon, and @Google’s Deepmind.
2 weeks ago
“While there have been some encouraging exceptions, overall there is a growing belief that the traditional law firm business model has to evolve or continue ceding ground to new & more innovative entrants” - @tjhammy

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#LegalTech #Law #lawfirms
2 weeks ago
A recent @Accenture report found that businesses committed to using #AI could see an estimated 38% revenue boost.
#Law firms that have incorporated AI are starting to edge out the firms that have not.

How can AI benefit your practice?

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