ROSS Intelligence




Andrew M.J. Arruda Co-founder, CEO
Jimoh Ovbiagele Co-founder, CTO
Pargles Dall`Oglio Co-founder


San Francisco, CA


What is ROSS Intelligence?

ROSS Intelligence has created the world’s first of it’s kind, an artificially intelligent lawyer, called ROSS.

What’s so special about ROSS?

  • ROSS is an artificially intelligent system that is intuitively designed, and getting smarter each day
  • Advancing your legal career efficiently while delivering value to your clients with boosted workflow efficiency and revenue
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to analyze legal issues and make connections accurately, and quickly
  • Having a powerful AI research tool reduces costs, improves workflow for better results for clients
  • Being able to focus on the priorities of each case without having to allot extended research time
  • As the law continues to evolve, so does ROSS

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"We make it completely free for lawyers to sign up and trial for 14 days with no strings attached...From there, they can easily ask complex legal research questions and immediately get on-point answers."

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Solos and small firms can now get 25% off their ROSS subscriptions by inviting lawyers in their network—inside or outside their practice—to ROSS, the most advanced legal research platform for U.S. attorneys.

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“[Building a #startup] is hard work, and if people are going to work for you, you owe them the responsibility of being a good leader and leading by example.” - @AndrewArruda

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