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Andrew M.J. Arruda Co-founder, CEO
Jimoh Ovbiagele Co-founder, CTO
Pargles Dall`Oglio Co-founder


San Francisco, CA


What is ROSS Intelligence?

ROSS Intelligence has created the world’s first of it’s kind, an artificially intelligent lawyer, called ROSS.

What’s so special about ROSS?

  • ROSS is an artificially intelligent system that is intuitively designed, and getting smarter each day
  • Advancing your legal career efficiently while delivering value to your clients with boosted workflow efficiency and revenue
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to analyze legal issues and make connections accurately, and quickly
  • Having a powerful AI research tool reduces costs, improves workflow for better results for clients
  • Being able to focus on the priorities of each case without having to allot extended research time
  • As the law continues to evolve, so does ROSS

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"Users tell us they love this feature because it helps them quickly find the complete universe of cases that discuss a specific fact pattern or point of law..."

Learn more about our natural language understanding features & try them today!

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Investments in #legaltech increased by over 700% to $1.66 billion in 2018. This flurry of activity comes as the legal industry struggles to keep up with calls from clients to leverage technology to deliver more effective and efficient solutions.


BK law expert, Big Brother of the Year award winner, @ROSSIntel user and all around great guy Chad Van Horn is speaking tomorrow at the American Bankruptcy Institute #ABISpringMeeting – kill it Chad!
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